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The Top 10 Google API’s & Developer Tools to watch in 2011


Thanks to @frischkopp I just saw the peri­odic table of Google APIs & Devel­oper Prod­ucts. http://​code​.google​.com/​m​o​r​e​/​t​a​b​le/
So I thought you’d like to see my Top 10 List of the ones I am excited about or plan to use in 2011!

Here they are:

  • Pub­Sub­Hub­bub — Eas­ily turn exist­ing Atom and RSS feeds into real-time streams.
  • Social Graph API — With the Social Graph API, devel­op­ers can now uti­lize pub­lic con­nec­tions their users have already cre­ated in other web ser­vices. It makes infor­ma­tion about pub­lic con­nec­tions between peo­ple eas­ily avail­able and useful.
  • Open Social — OpenSo­cial defines a com­mon API for social appli­ca­tions across mul­ti­ple web­sites. With stan­dard JavaScript and HTML, devel­op­ers can cre­ate apps that access a social network’s friends and update feeds.
  • Con­tent API for Shopping
  • Google Pre­dic­tion API — The Pre­dic­tion API enables you to make your smart apps even smarter. The API accesses Google’s machine learn­ing algo­rithms to ana­lyze your his­toric data and pre­dict likely future outcomes.
  • Google Fusion Tables APIGoogle Fusion Tables is a free ser­vice for shar­ing and visu­al­iz­ing data online. It allows you to upload and share data, merge data from mul­ti­ple tables into inter­est­ing derived tables, and see the most up-to-date data from all sources.
  • Big Query — Big­Query is a web ser­vice that enables you to do inter­ac­tive analy­sis of mas­sively large datasets. Scal­able and easy to use, Big­Query lets devel­op­ers and busi­nesses tap into pow­er­ful data ana­lyt­ics on demand.
  • Google Lat­i­tude API — The Google Lat­i­tude API allows for web­sites and pro­grams to inte­grate with Google Lat­i­tude, enabling users to update and read their cur­rent loca­tion, their loca­tion his­tory, and more!
  • Clousure Tools
  • Google App Engine

What API or tool are you most inter­ested in check­ing out?

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