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Integrating a Spring Roo based Vaadin Form in Magnolia CMS


Now that Magnolia-CMS (http://​www​.mag​no​lia​-cms​.com ) is switch­ing to Vaadin for the Admin­is­tra­tion Screens, I have decided to try and inte­grate a Spring Roo gen­er­ated Vaadin Form as a para­graph in a Mag­no­lia Page.

This should be quite straight forward:

1) use Roo to Gen­er­ate a Vaadin Project like in my pre­vi­ous post

2) add the Mag­no­lia CMS Blos­som Plu­gin for Spring http://​doc​u​men​ta​tion​.mag​no​lia​-cms​.com/​m​o​d​u​l​e​s​/​b​l​o​s​s​o​m​.​h​tml

3) fol­low the doc­u­men­ta­tion, and inte­grate my Roo Project

Stay tuned  for the results.  Check out the upcom­ing Mag­no­lia 5.0 Vaadin fun here while you are wait­ing for my to com­plete this test: http://​philipp​-baer​fuss​-mag​no​lia​.blogspot​.com/​2​0​1​1​/​0​3​/​m​a​g​n​o​l​i​a​-​5​0​-​a​r​c​h​i​t​e​c​t​u​r​e​-​m​a​n​i​f​e​s​t​s​.​h​tml

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