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Demo generating iOS Passbook Pass with passkit4j and Play! Framework


screenshotI recently stumbled across passkit4j with which it is not that hard to create a Passbook pass – assuming you have an Apple Developer Account, and can figure how to do the whole provisioning and adding the Key to your keystore (more on that here).

I followed the example from passkit4j (and discovered a bug in it while trying to get the pass onto my iphone).  TIP: use the iPhone Simulator and look at the logs for errors when trying to load the pass!

I created a simple Play! Framework 2.0.4 project to generate the pass from a webapp.

If you want to try it out, this is all you need to do:

  1. checkout passbook-test from github
  2. get your Provisioning File and Certifictes from your Apple Developer Account and add them to your keystore:https://github.com/ryantenney/passkit4j
  3. add then information about the provisioning and certificate files to the application.conf
  4. play run
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  1. I am working getting this hosted at Cloudbees, but still having trouble generating the temporary files. Stay tuned – maybe I’ll get it working…

  2. hi,

    Useful post, we found the Team Identifier as the stumbling block. Forgot to include that. Once we did that it worked locally but not on Cloudbees.

    Were you able to get this working on Cloudbees ? I have requested support from them, but just wondering.


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