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CRUD for Play! Framework 2


Update: yes, those are ques­tions inter­spersed in the arti­cle… please answer in the com­ments!
crudOne of the main things I missed from Play 1.x is the CRUD Mod­ule. After read­ing posts on the forum about that one or more are in the works, I decided to check them out today.

I found a few projects — all which have key differences:

Am I miss­ing any projects? Let me know in the comments…

Right now I like how easy it is to get fully auto­matic CRUD Screens using “play2-crud” from njin, but I wish that I was able to build on that more like in the CRUD Mod­ule from Play 1.x.

The other “play2-crud” from Hakan Dilek on the other hand has a good basis for writ­ing your own CRUD screens and DAOs, but for a quick start it requires too much coding.

Which of these — from a generic per­spec­tive — is the best? Why? Let me know in the comments…

My wish list:

  • Para­me­ter­ize­able (is that a word) Templates/Tags for the var­i­ous screens (Search Form, List, Edit, View) which default to the stan­dard view, but where you can spec­ify which fields or columns to show.  These could be included in exist­ing templates.
  • Boot­strap inte­gra­tion with the abil­ity to use the projects Boot­strap / Theme for the auto­matic screens, as well as turn on/off Bootstrap.
  • Tools for “reverse data­base gen­er­a­tion” of Beans (Ebeans, JPA, etc.)
  • Optional JSON inter­faces, with Swagger
  • Optional Secu­rity with ?? and Deadbolt

What fea­tures do you want? Let me know in the comments…

Maybe it is time to join forces and work on CRUD mod­ule that many would find use­ful and use.

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  1. Just curi­ous as to which crud mod­ule you rec­om­mend? Which one did you use in your screenshot?

  2. I’m start­ing this project: https://​github​.com/​g​e​c​k​o​p​e​b​/​g​r​a​tor
    It’s a CRUD gen­er­a­tor for play2/Scala/Slick

  3. I released admin tool for play 2.1 java.
    It’s kurad https://​github​.com/​k​a​r​a​d​/​k​u​rad .
    you can use play con­sole com­mand of this plu­gin, so gen­er­ate code for Admin panel.

    • Hello Karad:

      I have reviewed Kurad Plugin.

      I’m inter­ested in using it but I have not achieved even one example.

      Do you have a more clear exam­ple of how to use the Plu­gin Kurad?
      You could pro­vide me such an example?

      I work with Play 2.2.2 or Play 2.2.1 [Java]

      Thanks and wait­ing for your warm response.



  4. Hi Brian,

    I wanted to let you know, I’ve just com­mited the 0.7.0 release of my play2-crud mod­ule and now it does not require much of a cod­ing for a quick start now. Doing, scaf­fold­ing and rout­ing as it’s sup­posed to be. You can check out the quick start doc­u­men­ta­tion and screen­shots at:



  5. I believe Cato (http://​www​.catocrud​gen​er​a​tor​.com/) is worth men­tion­ing. It’s pretty basic, requires some man­ual clean up, but it works.

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