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How to set the Java Version for Compiling a Play Framework Module


@jaliss and I were recently wondering how to make sure that a module was compiled with JSDK 1.6 after we had upgraded the Java Version on our Macbooks.

Stackoverflow user mgregori just provided this solution (Thanks!):

In the file project/Build.scala, add the setting below if you want to compile with java 1.6 :

val main = play.Project(appName, appVersion, appDependencies).settings(
  // Force compilation in java 1.6
  javacOptions in Compile ++= Seq("-source", "1.6", "-target", "1.6")
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  1. I don’t have a Build.scala file in my Play 2.3.1 / Java services. I tried to add what you have to a new file but it didn’t compile.

    Does this method work for Play 2.3? Is there a new way to specify Java version?

  2. In the file build.sbt add the following line

    javacOptions in Compile ++= Seq(“-source”, “1.6”, “-target”, “1.6”)

    Make sure to leave a blank line before and after the line.

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