Here it is, the Xing Oauth1 Provider for the Play Framework – Secure Social plugin

Posted by Brian Porter on January 18, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.01.22I wanted to try some things with XING, and since I have been using Secure Social with Play Framework alot recently, I decided to add a new provider to the Secure Social Project after seeing how easy it was when I created the Foursquare Provider recently.

Here is the pull request on github if you want to try it out:

Jorge, the Secure Social maintainer is on vacation, so hopefully he will get around to my pull request sometime when he returns.

UPDATE Feb. 8, 2013:  Jorge has merged (my updated) pull request, so both the Foursquare and XING Providers are on the master branch of Secure Social, and should be included in the impending Play! 2.1 update.

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