CRUD for Play! Framework 2

Posted by Brian Porter on April 19, 2013

Update: yes, those are questions interspersed in the article… please answer in the comments!

crudOne of the main things I missed from Play 1.x is the CRUD Module. After reading posts on the forum about that one or more are in the works, I decided to check them out today.

I found a few projects – all which have key differences:

Am I missing any projects? Let me know in the comments…

Right now I like how easy it is to get fully automatic CRUD Screens using “play2-crud” from njin, but I wish that I was able to build on that more like in the CRUD Module from Play 1.x.

The other “play2-crud” from Hakan Dilek on the other hand has a good basis for writing your own CRUD screens and DAOs, but for a quick start it requires too much coding.

Which of these – from a generic perspective – is the best? Why? Let me know in the comments…

My wish list:

  • Parameterizeable (is that a word) Templates/Tags for the various screens (Search Form, List, Edit, View) which default to the standard view, but where you can specify which fields or columns to show.  These could be included in existing templates.
  • Bootstrap integration with the ability to use the projects Bootstrap / Theme for the automatic screens, as well as turn on/off Bootstrap.
  • Tools for “reverse database generation” of Beans (Ebeans, JPA, etc.)
  • Optional JSON interfaces, with Swagger
  • Optional Security with ?? and Deadbolt

What features do you want? Let me know in the comments…

Maybe it is time to join forces and work on CRUD module that many would find useful and use.

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