How to Create Custom YouTube URLs with Start Time and End Time

Posted by Brian Porter on March 27, 2023


Embedding YouTube videos on your website or sharing them with others is a common practice. However, there may be times when you want to share a specific portion of a video or make it play automatically. In this blog post, we will discuss how to create custom YouTube URLs with a specific start time and end time, giving you more control over the video experience.

Creating a Custom YouTube URL with Start Time and End Time

To create a custom YouTube URL with a specific video ID, start time, and end time, use the following format:

Replace VIDEO_ID with the actual video ID you want to play, START_TIME with the desired start time in seconds, and END_TIME with the desired end time in seconds.


Let’s use a real-life example with a video ID CVcrjVYEynM, a start time of 5:22 (322 seconds), and an end time of 5:46 (346 seconds). The custom URL would be:

This URL will play the video with the ID CVcrjVYEynM, starting at 5:22 and ending at 5:46.

Click here to test it:

Adding Autoplay to the Custom

Just add &autoplay=1 to the URL so that it will automatically start playing.


Creating custom YouTube URLs with start and end times is a simple yet effective way to enhance the video viewing experience for your audience. By using these custom URLs, you can direct your viewers to specific portions of a video, ensuring they focus on the content you want to highlight.

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