Finally, a browser based IDE I can use

Posted by Brian Porter on May 15, 2020

Ok, so I am not 100% sure that this will work so well with Java applications that I typically write, but I wanted to attempt a full cloud-based development experience again with IDE, git repository, and build and deployment all in the cloud. With (Visual Studio Codespaces) I could theoretically code from my kid’s Chromebooks.

Visual Studio Codespaces

It seems (almost) as full featured as Visual Studio Code which I have been increasingly using for Javascript and Frontend development, so I was immediately able to use it.

I signed up today (see link above), and got 1 year free on Azure to “test it”. I was able to migrate this blog (based on Jekyll) to cloud based development, AND setup deployment with GitHub Actions today. I am writing the blog post in Visual Studio Codespaces in the browser. Now I just need to save, commit and push…

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